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Looking for the best gift to buy for someone who likes to travel? Many times we buy gifts for people that they never use because they don’t like it or have no use for it. If you are looking to buy a gift for someone who loves to travel then this list has the perfect 12 gift ideas for frequent travelers that they will appreciate.

Travel Passport Holder

A passport is the most important document that you travel with and it should be kept safe at all times. Many travelers love to buy unique looking passport holders and collect different travel passport holders. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves traveling.

Travel Scratch Map

Once you start taking traveling seriously you want to keep track of all the countries you have visited and the cities you have been to. This map is perfect for that as you scratch off each country and city that you have visited and you can hang it up on a wall or get it framed.

Digital Waterproof Camera

The best way to capture those breathtaking views and take videos to remember special moments is with a digital waterproof camera. These cameras are really great because you can use them under water when snorkeling or when scuba diving. This digital waterproof camera is also great for going on any extreme adventures like white water rafting and so on.


The backpacking trend has grown quickly across the world. You will often see backpackers at train stations, airports and bus stations all over the world. There are some great backpacks available out there. Which ever one you choose, make sure the backpack you select comes with a waterproof rain cover to protect the bags contents from the rain.

Selfie Tripod

This is a great gift for solo travelers in particular. It is used to take selfie pictures by attaching your cellphone to the phone holder and connecting your cellphone to the Bluetooth remote. It can also be used as a tripod stand to take pictures from a distance. This Selfie Tripod makes a really great gift and you can read more about it here.

Travel Necklace/ bracelet

The best types of gift in my opinion are personalized gifts. Travel necklaces and bracelets have become very popular as you can personalize it by adding a letter or name to the necklace. This necklace is such a great option and comes with a medium-sized pendant which will make the perfect gift.


Every traveler needs a suitcase. Suitcases don’t have to be black and boring anymore thanks to a lot of creatives out there. Having a bright and unique colored suitcase makes it easier for you to identify when traveling, especially when taking flights and you are waiting for your luggage to off load at the luggage carousel.


Having a good set of headphones is so important these days. Not only do you use it to listen to music, many also make use of earphones on flights. There are a variety of headphones available these days but you want to make sure to buy quality headphones that have a warranty as this will last much longer, and if it’s defective if you can have it repaired or exchanged.

G Adventures Tours








G Adventures is a small group adventure travel company. They arrange trips all around the world from Africa to South America. The really awesome thing about their trips is that they arrange all accommodation, excursions and travel while you are on the tour. And their guides are usually locals with a wealth of knowledge on the places that you visit. They have insanely affordable tours from as little as $600!

Another great thing about their group tours is that you get to meet like-minded travelers and make new friends. This is also much safer than traveling around the world alone because you are always in a group. G Adventures have tours for all age groups and they have a range of experience types too.


Most travel trips include swimming at the beach, or in a swimming pool or a lake and so on. One thing travelers can never have too many of are swim suits. There are a variety of styles trending these days from one piece swim suits to more revealing bikini’s.

Travel Journal

A great way to keep track of and record memories from travels around the world. Recording the happy moments that you wish to never forget and making note of things that you have learned while traveling. There are tons of beautiful designs out there today, some journals even have some really nice motivational message in them.

Sun Glasses

One thing you don’t leave behind when you are traveling are your sunnies. There are so many styles trending at the moment and some classics still remain popular, like the good old aviators. Some people also prefer certain brands like Ray Bans and others. A good pair of stylish sunnies will always make a great gift.

If you found this list to be use full or can think of some other items that could make really great gifts for travelers then leave a message below.


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