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Why Use a Selfie Stick Tripod?

We live in a world of constant change. Ever changing technology and ever-changing accessories. People are always finding new ways to make things better and to take inventions to the next level.

This is truly one of the best inventions for women who love to travel solo. It can be so awkward to try to take pictures of yourself, and it can be even more awkward to ask strangers to take pictures of you. Sometimes, they just don’t get the angle that you are looking for. In most cases, if they are kind enough to take a photograph for you, they are usually in such a big hurry and just take a bunch of ugly snaps lol.

What are the features?

The majority of these tripods have Bluetooth connectivity up to 10 meters. Another great feature is that it converts from a selfie stick to a tripod very easily. It has a removable remote, that is used both for the selfie functionality and for taking pictures from a distance.


When purchasing one of these products you may want to make sure that the socket that holds the cellphone is compatible to hold your cellphone both horizontally and vertically. This is very important to check as many of these devices can only hold the cellphone horizontally, meaning you can only take horizontal shots. This is not too bad as you can edit the pic afterwards but it is also very limiting in terms of the height of photographs you can take. Also, make sure that is compatible with your cellphone operating system, for example Android or IOS.
I love this selfie stick tripod because it is lightweight and can fit into my handbag very easily.

The one I have is compact, lightweight and easy to operate. It connects to your Bluetooth automatically, provided Bluetooth is enabled on your cellphone. It can easily fit into a small handbag. The selfie stick tripod also rotates which makes it easier to take photographs from different angles.

Choosing a quality Product

There are hundreds of different versions of the selfie stick tripod, there are cheaper versions and more expensive versions. Sure you can get it at a cheaper price, but it doesn’t guarantee that the quality is good. This is one of those products that you should be wiling to spend a little more money on as it will last you longer. The TNUATNU? selfie stick tripod comes with a detachable remote control which has its own battery.

If you are buying a cheap version of this product, its probably made from plastic and isn’t very durable. This means that your selfie stick tripod can break very easily which doesn’t benefit you very much If you are planning to use it in nature because it can be damaged and scratched easily.

The cheaper versions also don’t have a proper warranty in place. In case the product is defective after a month or so you can’t really do anything about it but throw it away. So buying a quality version from the start can save you money as you won’t have to purchase another one due to poor quality. The TNUATNU? selfie stick tripod has a 3 year warranty and a All-metal body integrated storage design which means its better quality than most plastic selfie sticks.

Now snap,snap snap away!


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