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Catching international flights is really exciting and can be a very pleasant journey if you want it to be. Just the mere fact that airplanes were developed and we can cross different time zones is really astounding.

Before you take your first flight there are many questions that you might have and you won’t find the answers on the airline’s website, nor will other travelers tell you. Here are some great first flyer tips that will prepare you for your very first international flight and some valuable info you will need.

No Need to Over Pack and Over Dress

There is no need to wear a thick puffy jacket when flying international. Yes, the cabin in the plane becomes cooler within 2 or 3 hours into your flight but you need to bear in mind that the airline provides you with a blanket too. If you are not happy with the blanket they provide you with then by all means bring your own, but it totally isn’t necessary.

You can also dress appropriately to make sure you don’t get cold throughout the flight. Wear long comfortable pants, a comfortable long sleeve shirt and an infinity scarf. With this outfit you are pretty much set to go.

Food and Refreshments Provided On Board

Meals and refreshments are provided throughout the entire fight. Depending on the time of your flight and the length of your flight, you will be served breakfast, lunch, dinner or two of these. The meal portions for economy flights are filing and you are usually served with a main meal, salad and dessert.

The meals differ from airline to airline and for breakfast you can basically choose from eggs and sausage to congee (porridge). Lunch and dinner meals usually include protein like fish, beef or chicken served with rice or pasta and some vegetables.

The airline food menu has a variety of beverages such as juices, soda, tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, whiskey and spirits. It’s not a very good idea to drink too much alcohol while taking a long haul flight because you will become dehydrated.

If you have any dietary requirements you should inform the airline beforehand so they can cater for you. You can usually do this on the airline application that you download onto your phone.

In flight Entertainment

Airlines such as Qatar airways, Cathay Pacific and Emirates ave on board in flight entertainment for each seat. There is usually a screen in front of your seat and you can watch movies and listen to music or watch Ted talks. The entertainment options vary from airliner to airline though. There are usually entertainment options for adults and some movies that are relevant for children.

The airline’s provide each passenger with a set of earphones, however many frequent flyers have argued that the earphones are unhygienic and are re-purposed. If this is a concern for you make sure to bring your own earphones. The jack on your earphones will connect to the outlet in front of you.

There are slots to charge USB devices too, so make sure to bring along your USB charger so you can charge up your cellphone and anything you would like to charge like a tablet or power bank.

Qatar airway has free WiFi on board the plane too, I think it is limited to 30 minutes or an hour for economy passengers and unlimited for business class passengers.

Freebies Provided by the Airline

Airlines provide their passengers with a few items to make the passengers flight experience more comfortable. Most airline’s will provide you with a care package which can include earphones, socks, eye mask, lip balm, toothbrush and a small toothpaste. This is different for each airline though.

Sometimes it is provided to each customer and you will find it on your seat when you board the plane and other times you need to ask the air hostesses to provide you with it.

You still need to pack your own amenities such as cosmetics and sanitation products in your carry on bag like creams and face wipes. Also, make sure that whatever you pack in your carry on bag meets the standard requirements of the airline.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

Airlines such as Qatar airways, Cathay Pacific and Emirates ave an application that you can download onto your cellphone from the app store. There are a few things you can do on this app such as reserve seats, list your meal requirements, and do your online check in among other things.

There are basically three types of seats that you can reserve. The window seat, middle seat and the aisle seat. Window seats are really great as they have amazing views and you can snap one or two photos but it really sucks if you will be going to the toilet frequently because you need to move past two other people and keep bothering them if you want to get up.

Aisle seats are the seats you want to avoid. You will be stuck in between two passengers and often times they fall asleep and roll onto your shoulder lol. The best seats are the aisle seat as you can move around freely whenever you want to. You don’t even have to get up if people want to move out the row because you can slide yourself to the side and they can move around you.

Taking your first international flight can be a bit nerve wrecking. I hope you found these tips to be helpful. If you have any other questions about your first international flight experience please leave a message below.


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