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The Hua Hin Night Market is fun, vibrant and exciting. The street is full of stalls, shops and restaurants that come alive from around 6pm every evening and is jam packed with tourists and locals.

Make sure you give yourself 2 to 3 hours time to enjoy the market and make sure you cover everything. The market is kind of split into two sections and is separated by a road. On the left side of the road is where you will find all restaurants and food stalls and on the right side of the market is where you will find most vendors that sell clothing, bags and souvenirs. However, you can find a few of these stalls on the left side as well.

Seafood, Glorious Seafood


There a lot of seafood restaurants to choose from and you have to try at least one of them. The seafood is fresh, cheap and on display. As you walk down this market you will see men and ladies holding menus outside each of the stalls as they try to pull customers to their restaurants.

One of the most popular seafood restaurants here is called Lung Ja and has been featured on dozens of videos on YouTube. However, the other restaurants around are just as good. The smell of seafood barbecue hits your nose as you walk by and you have to stop and try it.

I went to Rod Fai Seafood Restaurant and wasn’t disappointed. I paid 400 baht for 6 huge prawns that were barbecued with lemon butter sauce. The prawns are served with a delicious but spicy seafood sauce. I also had a side salad for 80 Baht and a cold Singha (pronounced Sing) for 60 Baht. The staff at this restaurant are very friendly and speak English fluently which is great.


There are one or two massage shops around the market area and their prices are really cheap. I paid 100 Baht for a 30-minute foot massage that actually lasted 40 minutes! The massage shops have chairs outside so you people watch while you get your massage or you can choose to have a massage in a more private area further back in the shop.

Hua Hin Market

They have various 30 minute massages that are pretty cool like foot massage, head massage, neck and back massages.


Looking for that perfect souvenir for your folks and friends back home? This is where you will find the perfect items. From handbags to back packs and more common things like fridge magnets to more personalized items like bracelets and passport holders. There is a huge variety to choose from. They also have the infamous soap selection that I have literally never seen anybody buy.


When ever I travel to a new country I always purchase a clothing item from market stalls just because they make great souvenirs and remind me of the great memories I had in that place. There are a lot of clothing stalls around here. Some sells merchandise that have Thailand and Hua Hin on them and others don’t necessarily but are still beautifully designed clothing items like dresses.

You can also find the ” I went to Thailand” elephant pants and other clothing items with the same elephant print material like a variety of long and short dresses and shorts. They also have the cutest outfits for children, ranging from onesies to 2 piece outfits.

How to Get Around

There are several ways to get to the Hua Hin Night Market. If you compare the cost of travel in Hua Hin to other cities in Thailand for example Bangkok, you will see that transportation in Hua Hin is slightly more expensive. For example a motorbike taxi in Bangkok down the same street costs around 20 Baht but you will pay 60 Baht in Hua Hin for the same distance.

Motorbike Taxi’s and Tuk Tuk’s are easily accessible as you usually find them on every second street corner. The other cheaper and most used mode of transport in Hua Hin are the Song Theaw’s or Song T’s. This is a van that has been converted to accommodate passengers at the back and it costs around Baht. The Song T’s only operate along the main roads though so you will have to catch a motorbike taxi or walk to get to your exact destination. This isn’t too bad if you stay really close to the main road.

Here are transport alternatives in Hua Hin:

  • Song Theaw – The most common mode of transport in Hua Hin. Costs around 10 Baht depending on the distances you are traveling. The Song Theaw’s ride along the main roads and pass by every 15 to 20 minutes. Tell the driver where you want to go. Most of them do not speak English but know all the popular destinations and road names.
  • Motorbike Taxi – Motorbike Taxi’s can be found on the street corners. There are motorbike taxi stations around every second street. You simply walk up to the taxi drivers and tell them where you want to go. Make sure you confirm the price first before you leave. And always ask them for a helmet. They operate till about 6pm.
  • Tuk Tuk – This is a fun way to get around Hua Hin but can be a bit costly. It’s not so bad if you are traveling in a group as you can share the costs. Most Tuk Tuks can arrange day trips for you and take you to see some local attractions around Hua Hin for between 1500 and 2000 baht, just check with them.
  • Grab Taxi – The best solution if you are traveling a longer distance is Grab which is the equivalent of Uber in Thailand. You therefore need to install the app. It is also super convenient as the grab will pick you up from your exact location so you don’t have to walk out to the main street or anything.
  • Motorbike Rental – Some foreigners prefer to rent a motorbike and drive around as they say its much easier and cheaper to get from place to place. I have personally never done this and advise you to have a motorbike license if you intend on renting a motorbike. Motorbike accidents are not uncommon on the Thai roads and is the leading cause of death of foreigners in Thailand as they underestimate the roads. If you rent a motorbike make sure you know what you are doing.
  • Walking – The cheapest mode of transport as it costs you absolutely nothing lol. A lot of the places are in walking distance within the city center in Hua Hin. If you do decide to walk, grab some sunblock, a sun hat and your glasses as it gets really hot during the day.

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