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Solo travel has become very popular over recent years, and everyone is excited about traveling and wandering off on adventures. As much as we all like to wonder and experience new cultures and see new things in different countries, we shouldn’t forget to have common sense when it comes to safety while traveling. Here are a few safety tips for traveling alone.

Do Your Research







Research the places you plan on visiting and look for any news stories for the location that you plan to visit. Also, pay attention to advice given from other travelers on travel groups. There are a few of these groups on Facebook and other travelers often give very helpful advice and freely tell of their personal experiences. If there’s a spike in crime in a certain area, you should avoid walking around there late at night by yourself or with your cellphone hanging loosely in your hand. I would personally avoid these areas all together.

Invest in a Travel Money Belt


Travel money belts are great for keeping belongings safe and hidden out of site. I always make use of my moon bag when traveling long distance and put it on underneath my t-shirt. There are more and more reports of luggage being broken into while in transit on airplanes. Bag tampering and theft is a real challenge when traveling. Travel money wallets are a great way to ensure that you have your passport, currency and any other valuables on your person and out of site. The Raytix travel money belt has a great design as it has two pockets and you can easily fit your passport, cash and cellphone into it. It comes in various colors too! You can buy yours here.

Keep an Eye on Your Drinks








You are in a beautiful new place and you just want to explore the surroundings. Perhaps you decide to head on down to the beach, lay in a lounger and sip on some delicious cocktails. Sometimes we forgot to pay attention to our surroundings and the people around us as we are just to taken aback by the surrounding beauty. Unfortunately not everyone on earth is trustworthy and in some places tourists are often drugged. Always make sure to keep an eye on your drinks, especially when strangers suddenly speak to you. Traveling is great but the unfortunate reality is that not everyone you meet has good intentions.

Lock Your Luggage

there are numerous locks for luggage these days that we can invest in. I personally prefer cable luggage locks as it is easier to fit onto smaller zips. When catching flights I always ensure that I wrap my luggage too mainly because of the increase in luggage tampering at airports by airline staff. Forge cable luggage locks are really great. Not only is it TSA approved but it’s durable too. You can choose a color that really sticks out so it will help you identify your luggage too.

Trust Your Gut and be Vigilant

The common trend these days is to book an Airbnb apartment in the middle of nowhere. Make sure you research the area and check for reviews when booking accommodation. If you have arrived at your destination and feel unsafe or things look a little out of place, rather trust your gut and get out of there than deal with unpleasant consequences afterwards.

Keep Your Cellphone and Wallet in a Safe Place





When traveling in unfamiliar surroundings, always try to keep your phone and wallet out of sight. When you do have to take them out of your bag, try not to leave it unattended as this may be just the break that thieves are waiting for. Also, try to avoid keeping your cellphone and wallet in your pockets as it makes you an easy target for pick pockets.

These are the top safety tips I have, if you can think of any others write them below.


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