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Phuket is an Island in the south of Thailand. There are hundreds of things to do in Phuket and the really great thing is that most of the activities are super cheap. Around this bustling tourist town you will find a variety of seafood restaurants serving the best and freshest seafood I have ever taste. I was a bit skeptical at first about eating at the local restaurants but was so amazed by the flavors of the food.

One of my favorite dishes was a whole grilled fish with garlic sauce and a side salad. Now at first I thought, oh my gosh how will I finish and entire fish, and then I completely surprised my self and the fish till the bone haha. Now apart from all the fantastic food, Phuket is jam packed with activities to do.

There are a few markets around town that are great for buying souvenirs for friends and family back home like the typical fridge magnets (beautifully crafted though) and some key rings. The Markets have a variety of beach items like colorful sarongs and some really nice beach wear. You could pick up a bikini for around 500baht. It is easy to aimlessly wander around the streets of Phuket and find hidden gems, but those of you who like to be a bit more organized and arrange activities, there are tour kiosks all over Phuket that arrange a number of activities from zip lining to island tours.


James Bond Island

One of the doubts we had about booking through these tour kiosks was what if we pay and nobody comes to pick us up at the hotel? We booked a few of these tours and can safely say that everything went ahead as promised by the Kiosks tour booking guy, so no worries there. Now most hotels will also offer to book these excursions for you but at 3 to 4 times the price of the kiosk booking center.


If you don’t mind paying 3 to 4 times the price then certainly book through your hotel but you can get the exact same thing for waaaaay cheaper via kiosk booking. These are a few of the excursions we did, some of which were booked via kiosk bookings.

Big Buddha Phuket

At the time we visited the big Buddha statue it was still under construction however this didn’t stop us from exploring and taking magnificent pictures and enjoying the picturesque views from the top. On your way to the top where the statue is you will pass a number of small shops run by locals that sell refreshments and some light snacks like ice cream, water, fruit and crisps.

You are not permitted to entire if you are wearing shorts and sleeveless tops and so you are given a shawl or sarong to wrap around your legs of you are wearing something too short and to cover your upper body if too much is revealed. You can also bring your own sarong.

Once you are clothed properly you can continue to walk up the few hundred steps (very tiring if you had a late night :-)). There is ample opportunity and angles for some really great pics. Thew view from the top is just amazing as you can see the town of Phuket on one side and the sea on the other side, very beautiful. You don’t have to prebook this experience and you can ask any taxi or tuk tuk driver to take you here.

Zip Lining

This was my first ever zip lining experience and it was crazy scary and bad ass at the same time. We booked this zip line experience at Flying Hanuman through one of the tour booking kiosks close to or hotel. Flying Hanuman zip lining is built across the jungle and at some incredibly scary heights whereby a fall will surely end in death, thank goodness I never fell.

However, it was raining the entire time during our zip lining and its one of those things where once you start, you have no choice but to continue right till the end, because there is literally no turning around lol. I continually asked the guides how many more zip lines we have to go through till we get to the end haha and they were so patient.


The guides were actually really friendly, funny and awesome making sure that we were safe. We had one guide leading and one guide following the last person. This was really thrilling at times, and I remember looking down at one time and thinking oh my gosh heaven help me to get out of here, I don’t wanna die today hahaha.


When I looked down all I could see very very very far below was thick vegetation of bush and trees, it freaked me out completely, and I did the rest of the zip lining with my eyes closed lol. Needless to say it was still fun and I would totally do it again. They provide you with a bottle of water and fresh fruit at the end.

Bangla Road Walking Street

This is the nightlife hub of Phuket and its open every single night of the week. Here you will see some very amazing things like ping pong shows and tons of lady boys filling the street. There are hundreds of bars to choose from, all with really reasonably priced drinks from beers to various cocktails or mixer buckets which is your choice of hard liquor like rum or whiskey or vodka and a coldrink mixer.


Bangla road is honestly very entertaining and great for people watching. It really fills up as thousands of tourists travel here to see what its all about. There’s something for everyone, from dance clubs to hard rock cafe’s and more relaxed pool bars.

Khai Nai Island

I absolutely loved this island. I loved how laid back and relaxed it was and the fact that you can have a delicious meal and mouthwatering cocktails. This resort is visited as part of a group island tour where you visit two or three other islands as well, however this was really my favorite. This Island is also great for snorkeling and we saw a wedding photo shoot happening as well.

Cashew Nut Factory

You will find many minivans or 4×4 drivers around Phuket who offer to take you to see some big tourist attractions around Phuket, and you can have a tailor made experience for next to nothing. We visited the cashew nut factory as part of a private tour and it is definitely not to be missed. Now your probably thinking “cashew nuts, really?” yes really.


You can see how the cashew nuts are farmed and the process that happens to get them ready for us to purchase as an end product. They also have tons of cashew nut products on sale and I bought a few. They have various flavors that you literally won’t find anywhere else. My favorite was the cashew nuts with honey. It’s a really great stop that’s worth your while.

Where to Stay?

These were really some of my favorite things to do in Phuket. These activities are fun and don’t require much effort.? There are hundreds of Phuket hotels to choose from. One of the best places to stay in Phuket is the Millennium Resort in Patong.

Comment below with some of your favorite activities and places to visit in Phuket Thailand.


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  1. I love traveling abroad when I can afford it, and Phuket sounds absolutely amazing. I know I can’t resist a place with a good bar crawl spot! Bangla Road sounds like New Orleans Bourbon Street amped up to ten.

    1. You should definitely check out Phuket Jordan, it’s also very affordable. Sounds like I need to add New Orleans Bourdon Street to my bucket list!

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