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These are my favorite destinations that are visa free with a South African passport.




Some of the best Brazil tourist attractions include the following: visit one of the many beautiful beaches or visit Rio to see the annual carnival. Snap some pics at Christ the Redeemer statue. Visit the world-famous Selaron Steps, a set of 200 steps beautifully designed and bursting with color. Venture into more artistic and cultural parts of Brazil such as the state of Bahia where the streets are filled with dancing locals and delicious food.


Visit the PETRONAS twin Towers in Kuala Lampur and take some amazing pictures. If you are gutsy enough you can do the sky walk over the sky bridge that joins the two towers and see breath taking views. Some other things to do in Malaysia include escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and exploring Tioman Island. Some activities on Tioman Island include diving and going on fishing trips. Visit the Batu caves temple and climb the colorful 272 steps staircase.



Perfect place for travel or you can learn Spanish in Peru. Travel to Machu Picchu and explore the Inca ruins and see beautiful scenery such as the rainbow mountains. Head to Lima and explore city life in Peru. Venture to the more popular tourist hubs of Cusco and Arequipa. If you are looking for beaches and a party scene, head on North to the Mancora district which has endless clubs and restaurants and a beautiful beach. Always remember safety tips to follow and to be aware of regardless of which country you are treveling in.


Explore some world-famous sites in Bali. Check out Mount Batur and climb an active volcano. Travel to Lombok Island and go trekking through the jungle to find beautiful waterfalls. Visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud. Catch a ferry to the Gili Islands and enjoy life without motorized transport, also enjoy diving or snorkeling.

See some other visa free destinations below. Which visa free destinations are your favorite?

Visa Free Destinations for South Africans
Visa Free Destinations for South Africans

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