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“Travel, your money will return but your time won’t” – Unknown

Its amazing how we stop making excuses and find ways to make travel happen once the travel bug bites. You visit beautiful scenic places and you will be in awe of what is all around you. And then you just wish to see more.

I personally prefer pretty places of nature compared to man made city’s of giant sky scrappers. From mountain ranges, to forests to beaches ( beaches are my favorite). The beauty is that not only do you see these scenic places, but there are positive life changes that happen to you when you travel. You become more aware of yourself as a person. So what does traveling teach you?lets take a closer look.

You Are Courageous

Be proud of what you have accomplished. There are thousands of women who could never muster up the courage to travel alone. Realizing that you don’t need to rely on other human beings to see the world or to do anything is really powerful. You will discover strengths that you never knew you had. You become aware of environments that suite you. One thing you learn is to say no to something you don’t want to do.


This is really for someone who is big on people pleasing. You don’t have to agree to everything anyone says and also you don’t have to feel like you will let them down if you say no, because you now have the courage to do so. Many people will try make solo travel sound like something negative, but its not. They make it sound negative because they don’t have the courage to do. If you are never by yourself how can you possibly know yourself.

You Realize You Can do Anything You Want to

A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there. I’ve learned that there is no use crying over spilled milk, and what’s done is done. Fixating on it won’t change the outcome. The journey will teach you to live in react mode and no longer “oh my gosh what’s happening and let me dwell on it for months” mode. Things happen fast and you develop the ability to accept a situation and find a solution fast.


Independence is such a great thing as you learn to rely on you and only you. You will learn to navigate through multiple building airports which doesn’t sound like much now but it’s like traveling through a maze. Independence doesn’t come easy though, it comes with hard work and making smart decisions. Yes you will also learn about strengths along the way and you will overcome obstacles that will make you resilient. The awesome track by destiny’s child “independent women” comes to mind here.

Reflection and Meditation

There will be times on your journey where you will be alone, with just your own thoughts and nobody around. You may even find yourself reflecting on your life unintentionally. The key is gratitude. We usually travel to certain destinations because we are drawn to the beauty of the place, the culture and the people. But without eyes, we wouldn’t be able to see the beauty, and without legs we would not be able to travel around the world independently.


I see travel as a perfect opportunity to say Thank you for the many gifts and blessings we have. From perfect health, to wealth and family, there are a thousand of things we can be grateful for. Look for gratitude in everything. Use the time to uncover your passion, and find out what your most passionate about. Yeah the office job pays you good salary, but is it really what you are passionate about.

Travel Teaches you Self- Control

Yes you can do anything you want to do but now you learn about self-control and discipline. See there’s nobody with you, to check on you and to stop you from doing things, and so you need to listen to that inner voice of reasoning that will keep you safe. You are alone, you can do anything you want to, go anywhere you want to and be anyone you want to be.


You are in a place where nobody knows you, you could have a totally different personality if you wanted to, but you will learn the beauty of self-control. You learn to be more aware of your surroundings. Never would I have thought I would enjoy my own company as much as I do now. And it all stems from self-control. You learn the art of self-control and discipline.

Less is More

People tend to fill their lives with so much stuff. Wanting new cars, designer shoes and shopping for handbags that you would hardly use. Some people buy a new outfit every time they have to go out, which could be once or twice a month. This obviously leads to high debt and very few people are able to embark on a financial freedom journey. Cut up the store cards and credit card and focus on paying it all off. Once done make a commitment to yourself to only buy things that you really need.


This allows you to look at bigger things like travel and finally realize that its more valuable to spend money on experiences instead of spending money on things. Things that become worthless very quickly and you just end up throwing out or giving it away. When you travel internationally and make an effort to immerse your self in local culture, you will come across people who have very little and are still happy. This is truly eye-opening, and just a reminder that we don’t need half the things we buy. This teaches us that happiness doesn’t come from things we buy. It comes from inside everyone of us.

Travel will teach yo to fill your soul with experiences and not with things, because things fade away but you will have experiences and memories forever!

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