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Pattaya in Thailand is more notoriously known for its rowdy bar scene with gogo girls at most of the bars and a large, mostly male expat community. I lost count of the number of people who told me not the go the Pattaya. I heard what they all had to say but I just felt that I should go and see for myself anyway as our opinions are not always the same. Well as it turns out, I can honestly say they were right hahaha.

From the moment I hopped off the van outside my hotel, the one very obvious thing that struck me is that this city is clearly very popular among retired western men. The town is filled with bars on every street and I probably saw more bars because I stayed in one of the busy soi’s. Well I managed to look past all of that and decided to explore the city.

Needless to say, there is quite a bit of activity in this city as it is also a popular get away destination for locals in Bangkok as Pattaya is the nearest coastal city to Bangkok. Hundreds of locals head over to Pattaya to escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok’s city life. There are plenty of tourists too, I saw a couple of solo traveling females, or maybe they were just taking a break from their families lol.

Here’s what I did during my 48 hour visit the Pattaya.

Where to Stay?

There are hundreds of hotels in Pattaya. I stayed at the Sunshine Hotel and Residence hotel in Pattaya. Its very close to the beach road and a 5 to 10-minute walk to the beach. This is a budget hotel and definitely met my expectations, one cannot have very high expectations for budget hotels though. The rooms are modern, clean and had all the basic amenities. The staff were very helpful too. A Buffet breakfast is served every morning with a great selection. They had fried eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausages, Thai food, fresh fruit and vegetables, a variety of breads,fresh juice, tea and coffee.

The hotel has 3 swimming pools, I only made it to two of the pools though as I wanted to spend more time outside the hotel. The pool on the ground level has a bar and they ain’t shy with putting liquor in the cocktails :-). I enjoyed the rooftop swimming pool more. There’s also a 7eleven situated right across from the hotel where you could buy any items that you might have forgotten at home like toothpaste and shampoo etc.

Get a Massage

This is certainly one of the best things I did in Pattaya Thailand. I searched the internet for an hour or two and found a Korean massage spa called ?????(Hhwang Je). I previously saw videos of this place on YouTube and decided to try it out. I was really not disappointed. They give their guests 5 star treatment from the moment you walk in.

The entire massage lasts around 2 hours and happens in different areas. First, you are taken upstairs where your feet are washed and you change into a robe. This is followed by a facial and refreshing layers of cucumber is placed on your face. Then there’s the ear cleaning, leg and foot massage. Once finished, they took me down stairs for the final part of your massage. This includes a full body massage and a hair wash all for 600 baht. You can simply ask them the leave out any part of the massages if you are not comfortable, for example ear cleaning or hair wash. Hair wash massages are pretty popular in Thailand.

There are dozens of massages places that you can go the in Pattaya, I was just looking for a different experience and highly recommend this one.

Where to Eat?

Food food food, I absolutely love food. I love tasting new flavors in new places! I wanted to try out the seafood first of course since it’s Thailand, and Pattaya, and at the sea :-). So I went the Mr 99 Seafood and Steak restaurant. I ordered giant prawns with vegetables on the side and an ice-cold San Mig light. The food was delicious, not the cheapest in town but definitely worth it. They have a large variety of seafood on the menu which made it quite hard to pic a meal but I settled for the giant prawns.

Well one of things you will also find in Pattaya is there are dozens of Indian restaurants. I like Indian food, especially mutton curry. I went to Spirit of India restaurant, about 2 minutes down the road from the hotel where I stayed, it’s right next the Rolling Live Bar. I ordered mutton Korma, fragrant Jasmine rice and a fresh salad, absolutely divine!

Relax on the Beach

Pattaya Beach Thailand is not as scenic as the other beaches in Thailand however it is still popular. There are parts of the beach that are not safe for swimming so if you do wish to swim in the sea at Pattaya, make sure you go to the demarcated swimming spots. There are a number of beach umbrella’s and sun loungers available for rent. You can also get a massage on the beach or have a meal or a coconut while relaxing on a sun lounger.

There are a number of beach activities happening on the beach such as banana boat rides, jet skies and para sailing. The beach is also full of speedboats the take tourists the Coral Island for daily snorkeling tours.

Would I recommend Pattaya?

Apart from all the working girls and retired grandpa’s, Pattaya is an okay place to visit and I would recommend it. There are so many things that you can do here which I didn’t get to do like visit the walking street, markets, upside down house and Alcazar Cabaret show. As mentioned previously,you can also arrange a snorkeling tour to Coral Island. There is definitely lots to do.


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