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Not only is Thailand one of the most scenic destinations in the world where thousands of people flock to for work, pleasure or both. It also has some most delicious tasting dishes you will taste simply because of the unique blend of seasonings that they use and cooking traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation.

In Thailand, you will find a variety of meals ranging from traditional Thai food to more western food options, in order to accommodate all the hundreds of thousands of tourists that visit Thailand every year. These are some variations of the best food in Thailand that you should definitely try.

Thai Food

A variety of flavorful curries and mixed vegetables usually served with steamed rice. These curries and stir-fry’s can be cooked with either chicken, beef, pork or prawns and squid. One of the common curries among foreigners and locals is the Pad Ka Pow which is a stir-fry consisting of basil leaves, some seasonings and your choice of meat.

The curries and stir-fry’s are usually served with a fried egg. One thing to take note of is the spice level in Thailand.everything is super spicy, and by spicy I mean STRONG! Their chilies are on a whole other level here, so make sure to tell the waitress about your preferred spice level. The meals are served with an assortment of chilies on the side, so you can add more chilies if you want to.

Another popular dish among tourists and expats is Pad Thai. This is basically stir-fried noodles with your choice of meat, and some vegetables. Pad Thai is usually served with ground peanuts on the side.

One of my favorites, LENG TOM ZAB! A spicy and sour pork bone soup that will tantalize your taste buds. This dish consists of soft-boiled pork bones that have been cooked in a broth with lemon and it is covered with a combination of finely chopped chili, spring onions, garlic and chopped lemon grass. The spicy and sour combination is so refreshing and the meat breaks away very easily from the bone, it tastes absolutely divine!



One of the other perks of Thailand is the super fresh seafood. The seafood is available in abundance in coastal cities such as Phuket, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Krabi and Koh Samui. The seafood at these locations is very reasonably priced and cooked to perfection.

The seafood is usually put on display and you can select which ever fish, squid or prawns you would like and then the waiter will show you the different ways it can be prepared. Most of the time the seafood is barbecued or deep-fried and covered with a sauce of your choice such as sweet chilies or garlic.

It’s not uncommon for seafood to be served raw in Thailand like with oysters, prawns and salmon. They eat a lot of meats raw such as beef and pork which totally shocked me because I thought raw pork could make you sick, but alas, not in Thailand! Well at least not Thai people. If you have never eaten raw pork I highly suggest you stay away from it.

Finger Food

Thailand has hundreds of markets and street food vendors. The majority of local people buy meals from the street food vendors every single day. You will usually find a variety of meals you can purchase as each vendor will specialize on a specific meal like fried chicken, or sticky rice or chicken skewers.

If you are brave enough you can try one or two of the insect skewers they sell at most markets. You can pick from cockroach, silk worm and grass hopper.

Korean Food

Korean barbecue is such a unique experience. You have a barbecue at your restaurant table, which is pretty awesome. You order a selection of meat, they usually have sets available and some vegetables. Simply place the meat and veggie on the grill in front of you and cook it to your liking then off load, dip into some sauce and enjoy!

Korean chicken is pretty big in Thailand. There are a few chains that offer Korean foods like Korean fried chicken ?and kimchi. Head into BonChon for a taste of Korean fried chicken.

Western Food

Many people argue that this is not true Thai cuisine, however Thai people use certain seasonings that make their barbecued meat taste amazing. You will mostly find barbecue buffets in popular tourist destinations such as Phuket and Koh Samui. It is definitely worth a try.

If your are not up to tasting Thai food or simply don’t enjoy the Thai food, there are always tons of Western food options around. Some of my favorites include prawn and chicken salads and roast chicken.


when in Thailand, you have to try the sticky rice and mango dessert. It tastes amazing. It is pretty sweet but the combination is just too good. Who knew rice would taste so good as a dessert? It is often garnished with condensed milk and sprinkled with oats.

Another refreshing dessert is rolled ice cream which is not very common in areas like Bangkok but more at the tourist beach destinations. It’s really fun to watch how they make it and it tastes great. You can choose.your own toppings and flavors of ice cream to make a fun combination.

Some other great desserts which aren’t Thai at all are pancakes and churros, yummy! Delicious comfort food and great snacks if you look to get your sugar fix. Nothing like deep-fried dough sprinkled with sugar to get you going.

These are some of my favorite foods in Thailand. There are thousands of other food variations to try out, and way too many to cover here. If you are looking for reviews of restaurants to enjoy these tantalizing dishes head on over to Trip Advisor for some research on where to get your Thai food. If you have any questions about food available in Thailand don’t be shy to leave a message below 🙂

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