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Koh Samui is the second largest island on Thailand and one of the popular gems among tourists and the locals across Thailand, especially Bangkok.

The Island boasts beautiful, clear, bright blue beaches and the friendliest locals I have met in Thailand. Should you have the luxury of flying to the island by plane with Bangkok Airways make sure you have a window seat so you can see the magnificent view of the Island just before the plane lands at the quaint, artistic airport. The list below is certainly a good starting point on what to do in Koh Samui.

Secret Buddha Garden

Tucked away deep in the forest of Koh Samui is a secret Buddha garden. The entire garden was created by a local from Samui. The garden is made up of statues in various positions which symbolizes different things in life. There’s a very calm and relaxed atmosphere at the garden despite the hundreds of tourists roaming around. There’s a small river meandering through the park and many great spots for taking photograph’s.

Cocktails and Beers on the Beach

Chaweng beach is my favorite beach in Koh Samui. The beach front is lined with dozens of hotels, restaurants and bars where you can have a delicious meal and a cool, refreshing cocktail or beer. Once you sit down and become mesmerized by the ocean waves right in front of you, two drinks easily become five lol.

Enjoy a Delicious Seafood Meal

Koh Samui has hundreds of restaurants selling fresh seafood. I love how they all display their seafood so you can pick which seafood you would like. Walk a little further down the ring road past chaweng beach and you will find that a few of the restaurants here have daily specials, so you could pick up a grilled snapper with sides for about 250 baht. Some of the best places to dine is at Andaman Aussie and Mr Crab Restaurant. Not only will you get value for your money but your taste buds will be left satisfied too.

Mummified Monk Samui

This is both creepy and interesting at the same time. This is literally a decaying body that’s kept in a glass cabinet at a temple, very weird and I certainly wouldn’t want to walk past there at night. The monk passed away in 1973 while meditating in this same upright position. He does wear a pair of sunglasses though as the eyes have dried up overtime. People often visit temples to receive blessings from the monks and make donations. This temple has a stand to the left with bank notes from various countries around the world.

Beach Parties and Fire Dancers

Should you enjoy the party scene you absolutely HAVE to visit Ark Bar. Not only is it stunning and uniquely designed, but it has a great spot right on the beach. They also have ample sun loungers where you can hangout all day and the loungers turn into tables at the nighttime. Ark bar has a DJ deck that is pulled out when it is nighttime and the party just kicks off from there. People dancing around eventually form some sort of circle where you can show off your cool dancing skills. Its an amazing vibe and a must do if your looking to have fun. Usually after about 10pm the fire dancers do their rounds on the beach and you can see their spectacular skills.

They are always on the lookout for volunteers in the crowd, but I have never been brave enough to get that close to fire! Ark bar starts to die down at about 1pmish, if your still looking to jam to some good tunes head on over to club Hush if you are into RnB and hip hop, or you could try Green Mango club. The crowd is young and vibey just as at Ark bar.

Koh Samui Night Markets

The night markets in Koh Samui are very vibrant as it is filled with various aromas and lots of colors. There’s certainly something for everyone at these markets, whether you are looking for vegetarian dishes or something more exotic.

All the food looks so enticing, even the fried insects. Yes, insects! This is a very popular treat throughout Thailand,I haven’t had the urge to try it yet. I just can’t picture myself chewing on that delicately spiced cockroach. The locals frequent the markets daily as this is where they buy most of their evening meals.

Apart from insects, there is really tasty food that you should try. One of my all time favorites is barbecued enokitake mushrooms wrapped in bacon.

There’s always an array of sausages and chicken on a stick that’s very tasty too. The markets take place on different days throughout the week and in different areas. Some are open every evening like Chaweng Night Market. You should visit Fisherman’s village and the Sunday walking street Market in Lamai.

What is the best way to visit these sites?

There are private Jeep tours that you can book that will take you to the sites mentioned above. Head on over to one of the tour offices you will see on the road and make a booking. You will be collected from your hotel and dropped off after the tour. The jeep safaris are really fun. There’s a custom whereby passing jeeps spray each other with water, don’t worry your driver will prepare you beforehand as they have lots of water spray bottles. If you don’t want to get wet, I suggest you sit right at the top of the jeep or inside next to the driver so you can roll up the window. The jeep safari includes some other sites like the Na Muang waterfall, grandmother and grandfather rocks and some more temple sites.

These are some of the top things I think you should do when visiting Koh Samui. Even if you don’t get to visit all the sites, you will still have a great time just lounging on the beach. Comment below with some of your favorite activities to do in Koh Samui.


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